What is PEEPZ?

PEEPZ: Tubers Vol 1 - "Once the kids wanted to be astronauts and princesses, today they want to be Youtubers"

PEEPZ is an exciting new series of collectible figures that bring Danish YouTube culture to life like never before. With the Tubers Vol 1. collection, you can now collect 10 unique figures, each created with care and detail to capture the essence of some of Denmark's biggest YouTube stars and their characteristics from Youtube. Niki's creepy teddy bear or waffle horse perhaps? Jas & Mika's dog Baloo or perhaps Guldborg "Næste Pakke Knap"?

PEEPZ can be bought as: Morten Münster , Naja Münster , Niki Topgaard , Flamesman1 , Guldborg, Jas & Mika, RobinSamse and Spørg Casper, who have all captured the hearts of countless viewers in Denmark.

At PEEPZ, we believe in creating something unique and unforgettable, and this is reflected in each and every one of our figures. Each PEEPZ figure is born out of love for Danish YouTube culture and designed with care by the Danish creative minds Nicolai Andersen and Kewin Johannesen, in close collaboration with FirstGrade.

How to get a PEEPZ Gold Figure?

All PEEPZ boxes are sealed and cannot be opened without breaking the seal. All PEEPZ boxes can contain a Gold Version which is very rare! If you find a Gold Figure, take care of it!

All figures also have a unique numbering under the foot, therefore ALL our PEEPZ are unique. Who will get number 1?

What does the yellow "1st Edition" logo mean? This means that you have got hold of a figure from our first launch of the product. All future PEEPZ will be made without this yellow tag if the figure is produced again. These figurines are not just for collectors, but for anyone who wants to create play and fun at home with their favorite YouTubers!

Collect them, display them and share the joy of Danish YouTube with the PEEPZ: Tubers Vol 1. Collection.

Where to buy PEEPZ?

D. Nov 1, PEEPZ will be released at:

FirstGrade.dk, FirstGrade Kolding Storcenter and FirstGrade City2 (Taastrup), FirstGrade Lalandia (Billund), FirstGrade in Astralis Nexus (KBH), Bilka (National) and Cousin BR (National)

D. Nov 15, PEEPZ will be released at:

Book & Idea & the Play Chain (National)

How is PEEPZ made?

All of our PEEPZ figures go through a meticulous hand-painted process that gives them their unique and distinctive look. How many unique details can you see? Jas & Mika who have each other's initials (M) (J) on their wedding rings, or the chat conversation on Morten Münster's phone?

All PEEPZ figures are made from certified PVC materials that meet strict quality standards. Our partners in China have been carefully selected and we have personally visited them to ensure that production conditions, methods and materials meet our high standards of quality and accountability.

We believe in transparency and accountability in everything we do, and this is reflected in every aspect of PEEPZ production. When you buy a PEEPZ figure, you don't just get a collector's item; you get a piece of art and quality that is made with care and dedication. So when you explore your PEEPZ collection, you can be sure that each figure has been created with love and care and that you are part of something very special.